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Have a merry indie Christmas! Sample song-by-song or listen to the whole show.

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  The French Impressionists Santa Baby (Operation Twilight, UK, 1982)
slinky bass, alluring female vox... the perfect Christmas cocktail
  Cuckooland Silver Bells (Damaged Puds, UK, 1994)
revved-up girls-n-guitars version
  Redd Kross Super Sunny Christmas (Insipid Vinyl, AUS, 1991?)
power pop about Christmas in Cali
  Shonen Knife Space Christmas (Gasatanka / Rockville, USA, 1991)
goofy and giddy -- ice cream, bisons, typical SK
  Helen Love Happiest Time of the Year (Damaged Puds, UK, 1993)
not too happy if it's "just me and Leonard Cohen for Christmas"
  Louis Philippe Christmas Sun (Nessie, FRA, 1995?)
gently pulsating synthpop
  Chris Stamey Group (w/dB's) Christmas Time (Coyote, USA, 1986)
top single taken from Chris Stamey's 1985 Christmas album
  Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet Winterfresh (Jetpac, CAN, ?)
ambling instrumental from a Christmas single jam-packed with song snippets and assorted seasonal silliness
  Miracle Legion Little Drummer Boy (Incas, USA, 1985)
a hushed rendition from this early single
  O-Positive Christmas Presence (O+ Music, USA, 1987)
mellow and Beatle-y -- a local Boston radio Christmas staple
  The Coctails Jingle Bells (Hi-Ball, USA, 1993)
fabulously swinging, picking, and tinkling melodies on this and the rest of the Coctails Xmas single
  Girl Trouble Sleigh Ride (Regal Select, USA, 1989)
rumbling, rock-n-rolling and all-too-short
  Pullover Last Christmas (Fierce Panda, UK, 1996)
some feedback squall roughs up this Wham! fluffball just a bit...
  Girl of the World Tinsel Surf Darlings (Parasol, USA, 1992?)
Christmas in Australia with a kiss and a cuddle
  Cowboy and Spin Girl Christmas, Christmas, Christmas (Parasol, USA, 1992?)
Donna and Frank rhapsodize on another from Parasol's homemade Xmas single
  Carpool Driving Home for Christmas (self-released, USA, 1995)
Racecar + Poole = Carpool, with this pop original
  Bunnygrunt Blue Christmas (Septophilia, USA, 1996)
countrified Xmas melancholy on blue vinyl
  Durutti Column Snowflakes (Les Disques Du Crepescule, GER, 1985)
a fragile instrumental
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