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Songs taken from indiepop 7" singles, most unavailable elsewhere. Sample song-by-song or listen to the whole show.

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Ninotchka I've Got Wings (Grimsey, US, 1997)
a superb, soaring studio confection
Kirsty MacColl He's On the Beach (Stiff, UK, 1985)
an overlooked pop gem filled with ringing guitars and lyrical wit aplenty
Velvet Crush One Thing Two Believe (Bus Stop, USA, 1990)
the first (and best) single: "Go on, make me wonder why..."
Rocketship Hey, Hey, Girl (Bus Stop, USA, 1994)
wispy organ-tinged wistfulness
Delmontes Don't Cry Your Tears (Rational, SCOT, 1981)
pop-psych with organ and female vox
The Yummy Fur Stereo Girls (Roxy, UK, 1997)
angular pop, longer and more tuneful suits 'em well
  Four Gods Enchanted House (Able Label, AUS, 1981)
stealth Go-Betweens action feat. Lindy on drums and "Candace" (Grant) on bass
  Red House 25 Reasons (Wave Seven, USA, 1983)
obscure one-off slice of Midwest pop-rockin'
  Velocette Get Yourself Together (Wiiija, UK, 1997)
ex-Comet Gain folk even smoother and ooh-ooh-er (cue strings)
Dolly Mixture Everything and More (Respond, UK, 1982)
amazing girlpop feat. fab use of chimes plus more ooh-oohs
  The Tribbles Mercury (Brilliant, USA, 1994)
hazy pop from a split 7" with the Ropers
  One Thousand Violins Please Don't Sandblast My House (Dreamworld, UK, 1986)
overwrought in a good mid-80s kinda way, very catchy
  #poundsign# Michigan (Belmondo, USA, 1997)
a pleasantly ambling tune
  Servants Look Like A Girl (Paperhouse, UK, 1990)
arch and cool, the last one from David Westlake's Go-Betweens-worshipping combo
  Vehicle Flips Ompompanoosuc (WPTS / Numeric, USA, 1997)
a song about a river
  Mad Planets Super 8 (Harriet, USA, 1997)
sweet and sour from a split "Long Island" single
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